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Julio Vannini


The celebration of GAM2012 in Nicaragua blasted off in Nicaragua with the Sun Day, on April 1st. in the small town of Catarina, Masaya.

With a couple of properly filtered telescope, educational posters, mylar hand-hel filters and a solar kitchen, ANASA and FUPROSOMUNIC (a.k.a. Women of the Sun), shared their love for the Sun with the people of Catarina.

For a couple of hours, more than 80 local residents learned about the Main Star in the Solar System and how to take advantage of its light and heat.

Children wanted to repeat their observations and asked questions about the size of the Sun and what was that little black speck on the surface of the star. Their faces brightned when they learned about sunspots.

Meanwhile, the solar kitchen was busy cooking chicken and eggs while the Women of the Sun explained to the crowd the benefits of solar power.

Right after the event concluded, the group headed back to Masaya to participate in the Online Messier Marathon.

Click here to watch the event's photo album.


Clear skies!



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