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GAM2011 - Sun Day - Nicaragua

The Sun Day in Nicaragua was burning hot! More than 50 people among locals and tourists, gathered around a small telescope to watch the Sun with their own eyes.

Luis Rivas, Yader Velásquez and myself spent together more than 3 hours under a relentless sun, inviting the people to come and look. The people was able to look through mylar filters and a filtered telescope to see the sunspots on the surface of our Star. They also had a glimpse of the vastness of space between Earth and the Sun using a scaled version of our planet and star. Also, a small sundial was placed at the accesory tray for the telescope.

Even the police officers that were patrolling the area had a good time watching the Sun and making questions about it.

People was amazed about the sunspots and how the Sun looked similar to those photos printed on the posters we were holding.

It was a good, shiny, sunny day!

Click here for pictures of the activity.

Clear skies!



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