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Hola from Espania! Or whatever they call Spain in Spain. Oana and I are spreading the GAM gospel far and wide. Well, as far and wide as Campus Party Europe, a.k.a GEEKFEST 2010. This display of talent and innovation in Madrid sees "800 young people from the 27 European Union countries participate in activities, conferences and challenges." I'm very glad to still be considered a "young person".

ANYWAY, the idea behind Campus Party Europe is to showcase new technology. As official campuseros, Oana and I (who will henceforth be referred to as TEAM LEE) are hoping to run a GAM remote observing event on Friday 16 April. I say hope because it's not confirmed... but it's bound to happen, right? No-one could resist a GAM event. It will involve lots of people from different countries, so actually counts as a StarPeace event. How lucky is that!

At this very moment Oana is being as dedicated to the cause as ever, by Tweeting via her account www.twitter.com/oanasandu. So that's the place to go for the latest info. This blog will be far less useful. When I write for it, anyway.

COMING NEXT: Photos. With glib captions.

Lee Pullen
Oana Sandu


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