Avivah Yamani


Last month, on October 28th, we had a chance to have starparty and astronomy session with PSB Singapore School students for 7 grade level. It was our first time to have a starparty with international school in Indonesia. And it was fun indeed.

PSB Singapore school was in their lesson trip from Jakarta to Bandung, and they had outbound activities, and also an astronomy activities at night. Although we started late on 9.30 but the students weren’t tired at all. I think. They came to the villa after dinner and we swap our plan to have astronomy session in the class with observation session since the sly is clear. At that time, we could showed Jupiter and its 4 galilean satelite and also Folmahault. Unfortunately the street light was really bright and it gave us difficulty to observe dimmer object. After observation, we had an astronomy class with solar system as the subject.

We ended the session at 11pm, so the students could rest before they start their lesson trip in the next morning.



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    Location:Bandung, Jawa Barat