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On 4th April 2012, along with Armando from Phillipines and Paul Moss from New Zealand, our club had organized Starpeace 2012 segment 2 in celebrating GAM 2012.

With the slogan ONE PEOPLE under ONE  SKY, we had guided participants about the sky, some major constellations, 4 planets: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus, some major Messier objects and our natural satellite THE MOON. We also introduced AWB, Starpeace and the significance of the slogan ONE PEOPLE ONE SKY.

Due to unfavourable weather, 2 other astro clubs from Hanoi city(Hanoi astronomy Society) and Danang City (PAC -Polytechnic Astronomy Club) had cancelled their observations.

Avivah (NC from Indonesia) couldn't join this event with us, because she came back to her country just on 4th April.

Lunar Week

Moon on 07th April

"Look! This is Moon" (Naked-eye observation on 04 April 2012)

Starpeace in Vietnam

1. Rotational sky map

How to use this one?

2. 30 Nights of Starpeace 2012

3. Take a picture about the Moon

4. Hello Starpeace

5. Concentrate on observing


Father and his child

Astronomers Without boundaries!



One club members guided participants some constellations and planets


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