GAM 2019 Blog

by Sabah Stargazers

Here are some details and photos for our three main events celebrating Global Astronomy Month.

1. Rombituon Festival

Rombituon means "star," in Dusun's ethnic language. Dusun is one of the biggest ethnic groups in the land of North Borneo. A festival that celebrates astronomy in a culture with the objective of preserving astronomy, educates the local community, to protect the dark sky from light pollution. This festival was organized by Sabah Stargazers and successfully collaborated with the local community from Kundasang and the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technoloy, Environment, and Climate Change. (MESTECC). Together, spreading the awareness of astronomy and science, are JUPEM (Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia Sabah), Petrosains Playsmart KK, Kinabalu Coders, Biotechnology UMS, and agencies under MESTECC.

Venue : Kundasang, Sabah
Date : 6th, 7th April 2019

Activities Of the day

i. Space Coloring Competition (open for age 4-8 years old)

SabahStargazersblogA 400

ii. Sun Gazing

 SabahStargazersblogB 400

iii. Water Rocket Competition

SabahStargazersblogC 400

SabahStargazersblogD 400

iv. Rombituon Singing Competition

 SabahStargazersblogE 400

SabahStargazersblogF 400

v. Astrophotography Competition and Exhibition

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SabahStargazersblogH 400

SabahStargazersblogI 400

SabahStargazersblogJ 400

 vi. Rombituon Cultural Performance

 SabahStargazersblogK 400

 vii. Mini Rombituon Symposium

 SabahStargazersblogL 400

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 SabahStargazersblogN 400

 SabahStargazersblogO 400

 SabahStargazersblogP 400

SabahStargazersblogQ 400

SabahStargazersblogR 400

viii. Planetarium Show

SabahStargazersblogS 400

ix. Stargazing at the top of Maragang Hill (height of 2232m above sea level)
Hiking at 700m elevation

Group photo before hike

SabahStargazersblogT 400

At the top

SabahStargazersblogU 400

2. Hunt for Sabah Milky Way 2019

Bringing Astrophotographers and Nightscapers to the wonders in Sabah for 4 days and 3 nights.
Date : 4th April - 7th April
Participants are from Sabah, the West of Malaysia and Singapore in total of 30 people.

First briefing

SabahStargazersblogV 400

Center of galaxy and our transport

SabahStargazersblogW 400

SabahStargazersblogX 400

SabahStargazersblogY 400

SabahStargazersblogZ 400

3. Space Explorers : Moon Landing

Date : 20th April 2019
Venue : Sabah Stargazers Observatory

Started with a briefing to Space Cadets, Moms and Dads.

SabahStargazersblogZA 400

SabahStargazersblogZB 400

Observing the Moon and Stargazing

SabahStargazersblogZC 400

 SabahStargazersblogZD 400

 SabahStargazersblogZE 400

 SabahStargazersblogZF 400

SabahStargazersblogZG 400

SabahStargazersblogZH 400

SabahStargazersblogZJ 400

Upgrading Space Cadets to Space Explorers!

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