50 years ago, Armstrong & Aldrin walked across the Apollo 11 landing site. Later, the crews of Apollo 15, 16 & 17 explored while riding battery-powered, 4-wheel rovers (“Moon buggies”). No traffic jam was encountered by these ultimate off-road vehicles. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

Last fall NASA's Parker Solar Probe raced past the Sun within 24 million km (15 million miles) at 343,000 km/hour (213,000 mph). It will make at least 23 more such passes, each time going closer & even faster. It's got a heat shield & a cooling system. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

Galactic center crowd: Besides giant black hole Sagittarius A* (4 billion x the mass of the Sun), there's a cluster of binary systems within a few light-years. Each consists of a normal star & a small black hole (5 to 15 solar masses), producing X-rays. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

Pulsars are highly magnetized neutron stars, spinning fast & emitting radio beams. They can be deadly. The powerful wind from a “black widow pulsar” in a binary star system can erode away the companion star, like a black widow spider destroying her mate. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

A “cosmic web” of long, thin filaments of galaxies, intergalactic gas & dark matter pervades the universe. Where filaments cross each other (“a node”) there may be hundreds of galaxies or more, held together by gravity in a great cluster of galaxies. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact