The Extreme Precision Spectrometer is searching for Earth-sized planets with the 4.3-meter (170-inch) Discovery Channel Telescope at Happy Jack, AZ. Visitors are welcome at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, which owns the DCT & where Pluto was discovered. #gam2018 #RandomAstroFact

The smooth-looking disk galaxy NGC 1277 has double the number of stars of our Milky Way galaxy, yet it is much smaller & stopped forming new stars billions of years ago. NGC 1277 is about 240 million light-years away in the Perseus cluster of galaxies. #gam2018 #RandomAstroFact

Drone in space: Dragonfly, a dual quadcopter, would fly between spots of interest on Titan to gather science data on Saturn's big moon, which has a thick atmosphere & hydrocarbon lakes. The mission is under study at Johns Hopkins's Applied Physics Lab. #gam2018 #RandomAstroFact

When a star passes near the giant black hole at a galaxy center it can be torn apart by tidal force. About half the star falls into the hole, the rest is ejected & there's a bright flare. Many such tidal-disruption events have been reported since 1990. #gam2018 #RandomAstroFact

Ancient cultures began defining constellations 5,000+ years ago. Today there are 88 official constellations from Andromeda (the chained lady) to Vulpecula (the fox), as adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 1930. How many can you recognize? #gam2018 #RandomAstroFact