April 1 - May 1, 2018

Art is a fantastic way of sharing the excitement of astronomy, and Astronomers Without Borders has a very active AstroArts community.  
So for the second year running, AWB is excited to present the AstroArt competition.

For the first time, we are opening up the competition to everyone of all ages.
There are four categories:
Young Children - 7 and under
Youth - 8-12
Teen - 13-17
Adults - 18+
 AstroArt Contest 2016 Entries

Children's entries must be approved by a parent, guardian or teacher. Teachers, we encourage you to get your whole class involved!

The form of the artwork is very open, but it must be a creative piece, astrophotography is not accepted. There is no specific theme, artworks must just be inspired by astronomy.

The artwork must be submitted digitally, so if you have created a physical piece, please submit a high quality photograph of the work, making sure it is clear and easy to see.  


  • TBA

Make sure you read the RULES before entering.