Star Parties

Meteor Shower Observing

Mars Observing

Lunar Observing

Vesta and Ceres Observing

Solar Observing

Star Parties

NASA Night Sky Network - Find a star party (USA only)

Sky and Telescope's "Let's Go Stargazing" guide

Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers Moon/Jupiter/Saturn Flyer on the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn

Choosing a Time for Your Event

Choosing the Location for Your Event

Promoting your Sidewalk Astronomy Public Event

Documenting Your Sidewalk Astronomy Event

Sidewalk Astronomy Be Prepared!


Educational Resources/Outreach Activities

Telescope How To articles for kids

Resource for teachers on Galileo and his findings

The Awesome Amateur Astronomer - 10 Steps to get you started in astronomy from UNAWE 


Meteor Shower Observing

Meteor Viewing Basics and Strategies - American Meteor Society Article

Eyes on the Sky - How to Observe Meteor Showers - Great basic observing information

International Meteor Organisation has a range of different information on logging meteors and data collection

Educational Resources/Outreach Activities

Kids Astronomy Meteorite Information Page

Meteoroids Fact Sheet from Science Kids

NASA Meteorite Board Game


Mars Observing

When to see Mars in 2014 - detailed information from Earth and Sky

Explore Mars in Google Earth - A visual guide of the surface of Mars

Atlas of Mars

Sky and Telescope's Mars Profiler - Calculate what features of Mars will be facing Earth based on UT time

Educational Resources/Outreach Activities

Teachers' manual on Mars activities for students from NASA

Mars Exploration Program for Kids from NASA

Planets for Kids


Lunar Observing

Lunar and Planetary Institute's Lunar Maps - Apollo Maps, topographical, and geographical printable maps

Printable Lunar Maps - Newtonian and Mirror Reversed printable maps

Virtual Moon Atlas Free Software - created by Christian Legrand, author of Discover the Moon

Lunar Perigee and Apogee Calculator

Night Sky Network's Skywatcher's Guide to the Moon

Lunar Terminator Visualization Tool

Lunar Eclipse Resources

Lunar Eclipes from Mr Eclipse

List of eclipses until 2020 from

Sky & Telescope's Observing and Photographing Lunar Eclipses

Astronomy Magazine's How to observe a lunar eclipse

NOAA Solar and Lunar Eclipse Page

Educational Resources/Outreach Activities

Student Activity - Moon Rock Recipe


Faces on the Moon

A series of educational videos on eclipses


Vesta and Ceres Observing

Sky Atlas showing paths of Vesta and Ceres from Sky and Telescope

How to List on observing Vesta and Ceres from the International Astronomical Search Collaboration

Educational Resources/Outreach Activities

General Asteroid Information for Students


Solar Observing

Layers of the Sun - general solar information by Fusion Energy Education

Everything Solar - Stanford Solar Center

Astronomy Now Magazine's guide to solar observing

Observing the Sun in H-alpa - Prairie Astronomy Club article

Solar Eclipse Resources

Solar Eclipses from Mr Eclipse

NOAA Solar and Lunar Eclipse Page

List of eclipses until 2020

Educational Resources/Outreach Activities

Observing the Sun for Yourself - Hands on classroom/outreach activities

Kids astronomy website on solar eclipses

Solar Eclipse Activity