How To Get Involved in GAM 2015 as....


A Parent 

1. Encourage your child to explore the night sky through words and write a poem for the AstroPoetry Contest, they could even win a great prize.

2. Check with your local astronomy club to see if they are holding a Global Star Party and bring the whole family along. 

3. Watch the Lunar Eclipse on April 4. If you can see it from your area then go outside somewhere where you get a clear view of the Moon and watch the Moon slowly turn red as the shadow of the Earth covers it. If you cannot see it live you can watch it online with the Virtual Telescope.


A Teacher

1. Get your whole class writing! Encourage them all to write AstroPoems for our AstroPoetry Contest. To help you out we have a handy classroom activity you can give them. 

2. Apply for your class to take part in the IASC Asteroid Search Campaign. Submit your application by March 14 to be selected and your class could take part in discovering previously unknown objects in our solar system!

3. Help raise awareness of the importance of dark skies and the threat of light pollution by getting your class involved in International Dark Sky Week 2015


An Amateur Astronomer

1. Global Star Party for GAM 2015 - get your local club involved or throw one yourself. Star parties are a great way to reach out and involve your community in astronomy. You do not need fancy equipment, a basic telescope or even binoculars are enough to help people see things in the night sky they may never have seen before. Don't forget to register your event!

2. Enter the International Earth and Sky Photo Contest 2015. This is an incredibly popular contest that produces some amazing astrophotography.  So enter your photos, be in the running to win some great prizes and share your photography with the world! 

3. Take part in some solar appreciation by getting involved in a SunDay party.  Observe the sun through a solar telescope or solar glasses. The Sun is often forgotten as an object we can observe, so show people how amazing our nearest star is when viewed safely with the right equipment.  


A Novice 

1. Watch the Online Messier Marathon for a crash course in the amazing wonders we can see from the Earth. The Virtual Telescope will enable you to explore the universe from the comfort of your own home, you won't need any fancy equipment, just an internet connection.

2. Attend a Global Star Party event. Find a local astronomy club or observatory and ask them if they are running an event, and if not suggest they do! Star parties are a great way to get started in astronomy, there will always be an astronomer or two who is happy to show you the basics and let you look through their telescope. 

3. Become a citizen scientist and take part in Globe at Night, to measure night sky brightness and determine the impact of light pollution. Plus while you are taking your readings you will become very familiar with the night sky in your area!


An Art Lover

1. Watch the two astronomy themed concerts we have scheduled - Cosmic Concert and AStroconcert 'Icy Rose 67P'. Both these concerts combine amazing music with beautiful visuals and will provide an awe-inspiring experience.

2. Watch the OPTICKS live hangout where artworks from artists associated with the MAAM Museum in Rome will be converted into radio signals and transmitted to the Moon and back. This is the closing event for GAM2015 and it is going to be a very exciting presentation!

3. Enter the International Earth and Sky Photo Contest 2015. Use your appreciation of the arts to help you take the perfect photograph and enter it to be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes. Even if you don't want to enter check out the competition because there will be some absolutely beautiful entries.


No matter who you are

1. If you are holding an astronomy event during GAM2015 make sure sure you register it, so we can share your program with the world!

2. Check out our Observing Resources and People with Disabilities Astronomy Resources

3. Share your experience with the world on Facebook or the Flickr group and Tweet using #GAM2015 hashtag (@gam_awb).

Register your event to add it to our world map of events!