April 26 2015, 18:00 UT

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“Icy Rose 67P” is the new AStroconcert by Angelina Yershova and Stefano Giovanardi, produced for the Global Astronomy Month 2015 and the International Year of Light 2015, upon invitation by Astronomers Without Borders. It is dedicated to the exploration of comets and their bewildering behaviour, in particular to the Rosetta mission toward comet 67P Churuymov Gerasimenko, culminating with the first ever touchdown.

Original electronics and vocals will insert you to a highly eccentric orbit, to drift across interplanetary space, just like a comet brightening in the sunshine and appearing like a mesmerizing mystery in the human skies.

“Icy Rose 67P” is an intimate musical trip on the steps of adventurous scientific exploration. Driven by inspiring electronic atmospheres, Theremin suggestions and thoughtful narration, every listener will find his/her own personal way to feel like a comet.

Overriding the misconceptions that have accompanied throughout history the most awesome of the celestial bodies, we will personally land on a comet to discover how comets went from being evil stars to carriers of life.

The original soundtrack was composed and performed live by Angelina Yershova and will be released by Twin Paradox Records.

Watch the the teaser here.

Angelina Yershova and Stefano GiovanardiYou can follow the event live here. Viewers are welcome to write questions and send feedback using the Livestream chat. The artists (left) will reply after the concert and in the following days.

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