This year's Global Astronomy Month was closed with our resident AstroArtist, Daniella de Paulis and her team of radio astronomers, Jan and  bouncing images off of the moon. Here are the originals and the bounced versions of the pictures. Enjoy the pixelated color that the occurs when the  images are converted into radio waves and are transmitted to the Moon. The Moon's surface reflects the radio signals and scatters them all around the Space. Only a small percentage of the original signal is reflected on Earth and received by the Dwingeloo radio telescope's antenna, where it is converted back into the original images.

Original by Danilo Bucchi


Original by Di Altri Orizzonti


Original by F. Pinzari & G.Gaggia


Original by Gianfranco Scriboni


Original by Michelangelo Pistoletto


Original by Sabrina Dan


Original by Little Star


Original by Alessandro Ferraro


Original by Arianna Buonamore


Original by Alan Bean


Original from Charles Duke