GAM2013 News

It’s time to polish up your creativity!  How?  By writing an astropoem and entering it in the GAM2013 AstroPoetry Contest. Or, if you’re a teacher, encourage your students to enter.

Poems should be submitted between 1 and 30 April.  They may be in any style or form.  It is preferred that they be less than 30 lines in length.  To be judged in the contest, poems must be in English.  If the poem was originally written in another language, the original may be included for reference.

There are three categories: Children grades 1-6; Young Adults grades 7-12; and Adults, age 18 or over. For inspiration, read the winning poems from our 2012 contest. Submit your poem using the GAM2013 AstroPoetry Contest Entry Form.