30 April at 20.00 UT -- GAM 2012 Closing Eventvt_logo

As part of the Remote Observing program for Global Astronomy Month (GAM2012), the Virtual Telescope is proud to again offer unique event offering you the chance to discover an astronomical object: "Write Your Name in The Sky!".

To close GAM 2012, our cutting-edge technology telescopes will start surfing the spring skies, hunting for new, previously unknown asteroids. The images will be made available online, in real time, to make it possible for you to search them and make the discovery! The first to report to us a potential new object will be credited as a co-discoverer of it, when we send the data to the Minor Planet Center! The typical rules for these kind of discoveries will apply.

So, while having fun with remote astronomy and chatting with many friends from all around the world, you can enjoy hunting for the unknown. You may get to write your name in the sky! To join this free event, you will just need to access the Virtual Telescope webpage at the date and time shown above.