NEW: Eclipse Glasses Redistribution Program
Astronomers Without Borders will be announcing a program to collect eclipse glasses for distribution to other countries for future eclipses. Hold on to your glasses! Ask the company or organization you got them from if they will be taking part. We will announce details soon after the eclipse. We have corporate partners who will be receiving and processing them for us. Please DO NOT send them to AWB! Sign up for our newsletter for more details or follow us on Facebook.

gam-awb-2012-trans-122 Guidelines for GAM2012 Global Programs

Each April, Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) organizes Global Astronomy Month (GAM), which provides a global audience to many programs. The first two editions of GAM in 2010 and 2011 included more than 50 programs.

GAM Global Programs fall into three categories:

AWB Programs:
AWB Programs for GAM2012 are organized solely by the AWB GAM2012 Executive Committee and carried out by AWB.

Partner Programs:
Partner Programs are organized by AWB and a partner organization with responsibilities and deliverables agreed upon by both parties in writing.

Associate Programs:
Associate Programs are organized solely by partner organizations, with AWB providing placement on the GAM schedule of programs and other limited publicity. GAM participation provides these programs with international recognition and a wide audience through the same methods as other GAM2012 programs.

All programs are featured on the GAM2012 website, in news announcements, through the GAM social network and through other means.

All programs must meet the following criteria:

  • The program must global, with an opportunity for anyone to participate regardless of location.
  • The program must have a critical component during April 2012.  This can include a special project, the launch of a new and continuing project within the program, a special event or other aspect that highlights the program during GAM2012.
  • The program organizers must submit an evaluation report at the end of the program for the GAM2012 Final Report.

Organizers of existing and new projects that satisfy these guidelines are invited to apply to become a GAM2012 Global Program.  Inquiries are welcome.  See below for contact information.

The deadline for applications for GAM2012 Global Programs is 30 January 15 February 2012 (extended).  Inquiries after the deadline are welcome with the understanding that planning logistics may make inclusion more difficult.

Inquiries:  GAM2012 Coordinator Thilina Heenatigala
email: [email protected] (or [email protected] )