GAM2012 News

Click for the full-size Sky Gazers posterIn a tribute to stargazers around the world, a new multimedia video has been released by Babak Tafreshi for Global Astronomy Month 2012. Featuring amateur astronomers busy around their telescopes as the night sky swirls above them in time-compressed video clips, Tafreshi adds still images and music to engage the viewer in the nighttime world of astronomy.  Combining video taken over over a period of years in farflung locations around the world, Sky Gazers is a joy to watch for experienced stargazers and casual observers alike.

Babak Tafreshi is well-known to astronomy enthusiasts as the founder and director of The World at Night, a collection of the best landscape astrophotographers (those who include both Earth and sky in one wide-angle image). His images have been featured in many prestigious publications, and regularly appear on websites like National Geographic.

View the video in HD on Vimeo. Be sure your sound is on.

Read about Sky Gazers in a blog on the National Geographic website.

View the full-size Sky Gazers poster.