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April 30

By Thilina Heenatigala

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We have approached the final day of Global Astronomy Month 2012. As the coordinator of GAM, for the third consecutive year, it gives me immense pleasure to write to GAM Blog how this little idea grow in to a beautiful monster thanks to YOU. Yes, that’s right, thanks to YOU!




The first edition of GAM in 2010 was a good starting point. We had about a dozen global programs and everything went pretty well considering the short time we took to put together everything. Taking all of us by surprise, 2011 edition received a huge participation with more than 40 programs globally – something that we weren’t prepared for at all. With lessons learned from past two editions, we started planning GAM 2012 about 6 – 7 months earlier. An amazing group of 15-member-executive-committee coming from different backgrounds and expertise played a core role in having everything organized in advanced which eventually took the usual stress of deadlines out of everyone. I’m very grateful everyone in the committee and of course not forgetting the sub-groups who helped with programs.

For GAM 2012, we had a great list of global program schedule ranging from astroart, starparties, remote observing to moonbouncing efforts, and not forgetting competitions (with cool prizes of course!). Also, we made GAM 2012 accessible to everyone by having excellent set of resources for people with disabilities to enjoy the wonders of the Universe.

But success of GAM is not these programs, but YOU. We merely set up the stage, a platform where everyone can come together. Your participation and enthusiasm made it beautiful. And I’m utterly grateful to YOU for making GAM 2012 a monster but the good kind, beautiful and successful than we ever imagined! Which is the true spirit of GAM, “One People, One Sky”.


Now that the GAM is over, don’t let your enthusiasm die away though. I encourage you to be a part of our regular events at Astronomers Without Borders. If you want to be a part of organizing these events, write to me. Also, if you see the importance of AWB mission, I encourage you to make a donation and support us to keep doing what we are doing - bringing people together from around the world through our common interest in astronomy.

GAM is still a baby and we are still taking our baby steps (regardless of the success). We will continue to grow with YOU. Imagine what we can achieve together in GAM 2013.


Thilina Heenatigala is a project manager in profession with a passion for astronomy communication and education (especially in developing countries). He currently works as the Project Coordinator for Astronomers Without Borders and coordinated Global Astronomy Month in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

More on his project involvement can be found at his LinkedIn profile. Follow him on Twitter @ThilinaH or Facebook or his blog Universe Café to keep updated on his latest astronomy adventures. Apart from astronomy, he enjoys fashion, budget traveling, socialmedia among other things.