Event Reports

Aug 01

Celestial Cherry Blossoms

The poet Basho, whose name is acclaimed worldwide for haiku esteemed, wrote myriad works for their greatness famed and frequently nature themed. Japan in the sixteen hundreds was where his... Read More...

Aug 01

Astrotreasures in Romania (8)

After a terrible war in 1877-78, the Ottoman Empire vs. the Russian Empire, Romania and the Balkan volunteers, the Romanian state became independent and recovered Dobruja. Then, wanting a cordial... Read More...

Aug 01

Astrotreasures in Romania (7)

The Christian-Orthodox Monastery of Moldovita was founded in 1532 by the “voievod” and “domnitor” Petru Rares (who ruled the Romanian state of Moldova in between 1527 and 1538, and in... Read More...

Aug 01

Astrotreasures in Romania (6)

After the conquest of Transylvania (around 900-1200), the kings of Hungary brought Szekely and Saxon colonists to defend its borders and to become human walls between the Romanians from Transylvania... Read More...

Jul 31

Facebook - July 27, 2019 at 11:32 AM

by Kai Staats

Today saw an incredible effort by instructors and students alike as we sanded and painted the pedestal, and then moved to install the primary and secondary mirrors. This is no... Read More...

Jul 30

Facebook - July 26, 2019 at 12:42 PM

by Kai Staats

The past three days have seen a great deal of running to town to get parts and tools. Today we took the telescope's original, 250lbs steel base to the Arusha... Read More...

Jul 30

Facebook - July 23, 2019 at 11:16 AM

by Kai Staats

I arrived yesterday to Tanzania and the Mt. Meru Astronomical Observatory, operated by the Organization for Science Education and Observatory. I am immediately reminded of the beauty of this place,... Read More...

Jul 30

Telescopes to Tanzania Project Update

by Kai Staats

Kai Staats has returned to Tanzania to work with Telescopes to Tanzania Astronomy Ambassadors for the installation of the upgraded, 1969 12.5" Cave-Cassegrain at the Mt. Meru Astronomical Observatory. This... Read More...

Jul 30

Tanzania Touchdown

by Kai Staats

AWB Update - July 22, 2019 I am safely arrived to Meru, Tanzania. Tomorrow I meet with the board of directors for the science center and observatory, then work with... Read More...

Jul 30

Facebook - July 18, 2019 9:53 PM

by Kai Staats

In just 48 hours I will board a flight to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. There, we will unpack and reassemble the historic Cave-Cassegrain telescope initially refurbished by the Racine Astronomical Society and... Read More...

Jul 27

Lecture: The Moon Revisited: 50 Years After Apollo, A Gateway to Mars

This is a free, public program sponsored by www.MontaukObservatory.com Seating is limited. To register for free tickets, go to: https://emmart.eventbrite.com https://emmart.eventbrite.com Join Carter Emmart for a lively, illustrated walk through... Read More...

Jul 26

Astronomy and Cloudy Skies

Observational astronomy is one of the most appealing aspects of astronomy. Be it in gazing at the starry skies, looking through a telescope, or capturing the beauty through a camera,... Read More...

Jul 26


Hello Astronomers! As part of worldwide events in #MoonLanging50 and #IAU100. An event dedicated for youth on development of Astronomy in Cochabamba Bolivia was realized. Astronomy for Youth – Cochabamba,... Read More...

Jul 25

Astrotreasures in Romania (5)

The Barsana Monastery was founded in 1326, remaining Christian Orthodox all the time, in spite of the Magyar and Austrian pressures. It was remade in 1993 as both a culmination... Read More...

Jul 21

Happy [email protected] Landing!

WOW!! Want to experience Neil Armstrong's iconic first step on the Moon as exactly it was happening 50 years ago (at 9:56pm Central)? Hear the voice loops between the crew... Read More...

Jul 20

Moon eclipse recorded on 16th of July 2019

This partial moon eclipse was taken by Institue of Astronomy, Sri Lanka Read More...

Jul 19

Why the Lunar Module Looked So Much Like a Moon Bug

(article by Elizabeth Howell) No seats? No problem. Throwing away seating was just one of the innovative design compromises NASA made to get astronauts safely on the lunar surface for... Read More...