Star party for saturday night

Toshihito Ishida
13 April 2019
Time: 19:30 (JST) until 21:00 (JST)
Star-gazing session will be held with the 2-meter telescope ("NAYUTA") of the Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory.  This session is for the visitors stay at the lodges in our observatory and non-overnight visitors who made reservation.  If we have clear night, you can see various objects such as the moon, stars, clusters and so on.  We will guide stars and constellations under the real sky.  
To make a reservation of the lodge, please follow the details described in the Japanese only page.  Details to join the star party non-overnight is on the other Japanese only page.  

Contact Details:

[email protected]


Disabled Access:


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Center for Astronomy, Institute of Natural and Environmental Science, University of Hyogo, Sayo-cho, Hyogo, 6799-5313