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Winners of the Second International Earth and Sky Photo Contest on Dark Skies Importance are announced. Two global programs of Astronomers Without Borders came together to organize this annual contest: The World at Night and Global Astronomy Month. Submissions to the contest had been received during the 2011 Global Astronomy Month (April). Submitted photographs were all taken since the beginning of 2010 and were all created in the “TWAN style”—showing both the Earth and the sky—by combining elements of the night sky set against the Earth horizon with backdrop of a notable location or landmark. This style of photography is called “landscape astrophotography.”

The contest  was open to anyone of any age, anywhere around the world. About 240 entries were received with images made from about 30 countries including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, China, Columbia, Cambodia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, Solvakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA, and Venezuela. Nearly 25% of the entries were from the United States. Other major contributors were Iran, Germany and China.

List of winner photographs available at TWAN website.