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AstroArtist of the Month - Bogi Fabian (3 of 4)

“Satisfaction by Lunar Eclipse” I hardly ever feel satisfied and it seems I am not alone with said sensation. However, looking at the Moon fills my heart with satisfaction - in an attempt to balance my general discontent. As clear as the starry night sky can I recall an experience from March 3rd, 2007, witnessing a lunar eclipse for the very first time. Prior to the sighting, I was much dissatisfied, because I knew I would have to stay up for it alone, unable to share my joy with anyone else. MULUK Pouting and hurrying, I took my camera fitted with a zoom lens so old that would have made it my twin sister and took the shot. Unfortunately, the photo has vanished. I have since been trying to replicate the sensation I felt at that very moment through my images. Canvas It is quite rare for the shadow of the Earth to reach the Moon and change its color for a brief moment. We call this 'Blood Moon'. No direct light gets into the Umbra region, yet it isn't completely dark as the lesser-dispersing red light penetrates the shadow-cone thrown by the Earth and creates a red halo on the surface of the Moon. Putting it simply, the Moon is lit by a misty red light during a lunar eclipse. When I first witnessed this enchanting phenomenon, all my discontent dissolved for the time being part of the experience. Light changing As far as we can trace it back in our cultural history, the... Read More..