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An Alternative Vision of Space Exploration

I grew up in Mexico, a country with little context for space exploration. Until recently, we didn't have a space agency or any important participation in the space race. We can almost say there was no context to be involved in space activities. I realised during the first KOSMICA Mexico how far and how close this country was from conquering the stars. I remember how a young artist questioned about what were her possibilities of making space arts projects when she didn't have access to space labs and space professionals. For a moment I thought she was right, but after a second thought I realised that sitting next to me was a Mexican guy building a civilian satellite, a woman artist collaborating with astronomers and a duo of artists that had constructed a space car the navigates in forgotten railway tracks. I don't believe space participation is restricted to the nations that can afford it. This is the way that Nicola Triscott puts it: “It is time to develop and realise an alternative vision of space exploration for a new global space age. A vision that understands that space is not just the preserve of NASA and the West but is rooted historically in cultures across the globe.” Caption: SEFT-1 I'm very interested in seeing how people from developing countries are relating themselves to space nowadays. I believe the adventure is happening with these groups of people that are appropriating space in ways that make us rethink space activities - this is the wonder... Read More..