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Barbara de Ligt (Part 2) - AstroArtist of the Month, December 2014

Final result, "Space Goddess" oil on canvas 80x80 + 80x40 cm: Close-up First Barbara starts sketching in white with her fingers and/or pencils on a black painted canvas. After that, she starts colouring it, usually very thin and with several layers of paint (mostly 4 or 5) that need to dry every 5 days. The female figure was first drawn on paper, then cut out, placed on the canvas and used as a template. The rest of it was painted intuitively.     The Maya refers to the (Hindu) word/name ‘Maya’, which means ‘illusion’. Anything which is added to reality is an illusion. May be, nothing really is what it seems to be… Barbara depicted a version of the Goddess Maya, the one who sees through all realities, though all layers of illusionary veils that distract people from seeing the world in its full spectrum. Besides seeing clearly, this goddess is also able to influence matter; to create or destroy the veils. She’s able to manipulate people’s realities and not afraid to pull off veils and stand there naked, in her full authenticity, where everything is finally able to flow freely, but vulnerable and unshielded from the world around her.   With the publicity of this painting, Barbara also wrote a poem: She´s authentic and open, Naked and vulnerable And because she respects all of her parts, She allows them to be nourished by sunlight   She passed through many worlds  Threw herself in the heat, Got burned and then pushed away They didn´t want... Read More..