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Erika Blumenfeld: AstroArtist of the Month (Blog 1of 4)

Erika Blumenfeld Title: Light Recording: Spring 2005 Date: 2005 Medium: Chromogenic prints, aluminum panels, laminate Size: 30x40 inches (76.2x101.6 cm)  Description: In Light Recording: Spring 2005, Blumenfeld documented the 93 days between the vernal equinox (March 20, 2005) and the summer solstice (June 21, 2005)—the time in our year that comprises the season known as spring in the northern hemisphere. At the exact moment of civil sunset on March 20th, Blumenfeld recorded onto photosensitive material solely the amount of natural sunlight radiating toward Earth. Using a hand built light-recording device and 4x5 transparency film, the artist repeated this “light recording” process for the subsequent 92 days, exposing sunlight onto separate sheets of film each day at the same time. The resulting series describes the relationship between the Sun and the Earth and their orbital movement that cause our seasons, and depicts the slow increase in sunlight that the northern hemisphere experiences when the sun approaches its northern most point in the sky at summer solstice.   Since I can remember, I’ve been preoccupied with all things relating to the physics of light and the wonder of natural phenomena. The extraordinary events which had to occur in order for us to even have a universe, a planet and a habitable natural environment is an unending source of inspiration to me, and has been the vantage point from which I set forth making art. Initially, these interests led me to investigate the physics of light as both medium and subject in an ongoing series titled Light... Read More..