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AstroArtist of the Month - Arthur Woods (2 of 4)

As mentioned in my previous post, in the 1970's my art had become inspired by scientific information about the nature of the universe which was reflected in my primary mode of expression, which at this time was mostly painting. In 1975, my wife and I moved to Zurich which exposed me to a thriving contemporary art scene. Four years later we moved to the US and, after a year and a half, we decided that Switzerland was the better choice for our circumstances and we returned to Switzerland in 1980. Signs & Symbols Back in Switzerland, my “particle” painting style continued to develop and I began to integrate geometric and symbolic elements. I found concepts in physics like “singularity” to be really fascinating and how our planet was influenced by cosmic forces such as “space weather. I exhibited regularly in the dynamic Zurich art scene. Also, at this time I took an interest in and joined several humanitarian organizations that had the goal to end hunger and improve the living conditions in the third world. I donated both my time and my art to these endeavors. As the contemporary art scene flourished in Zurich, I became aware of the work of conceptual artists like Joseph Beuys and Christo who, in their own unique ways, involved the public in their art manifestations. In addition to my painting, I began to explore a more conceptual approach to making art by integrating elements of technology into my works. Because of my earlier personal experience living next to the... Read More..