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AstroArtist of the Month - Arthur Woods (3 of 4)

Although the Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite and the OUR-Space Peace Sculpture projects described in the previous post were unfortunately postponed, the experienced gained and the contacts established led to the creation and realization of other art-in-space projects. As such, the OURS Foundation's “private space program” began to unfold and develop in other and sometimes parallel directions. This post details the spaceflights of the Cosmic Dancer sculpture and Ars Ad Astra: The Frist Art Exhibition in Earth Orbit on the Mir space station. It also discusses the initiation of the SEEDS project. Gravity and Art My interest in space and physics had a major influence on my art, especially on my approach to painting. I learned that gravity on Earth has to do with the force that the acceleration of Earth imparts to objects on or near its surface. Gravity, as a terrestrial environmental factor, may hardly be considered as essential to the creation of art, yet it has profoundly influenced and determined both the conception and the perception of art since its beginnings. Basically gravity gives us an “up and down” orientation to the environment in which we live. Therefore, paintings, particularly those with a rectangular shape usually have a “natural” top and bottom orientation because this reflects how the viewer and the artist perceive the world we live in. I began to explore how gravity influenced my painting with a series of works that had a six-sided geometric shape. These two-dimensional works could then be mounted on a wall in any position as there... Read More..