Winners of the AstroPoetry Contest 2016 - Adult Category

Jul 13

First Place

Ode to the Electron 

by Aimee Norton, Palo Alto, California, USA

Creator of currents and static shocks
best mate of the maturing Sun
although small of mass, your greatness talks
in numbers; convincing in their sum.

To jump the skies with rainbow'd light
and fill each home with warmer glow
to send a message far away, to
cascade Brehmsstrahlung's domino.

Your lower class can not trespass
into the club of nucleus.  But little sir,
the inky fields of space go waving
each and every time you stir.

For galaxies and stars alike
to get their humble start,
they both must place before their horse
your ordinary cart.

Second Place

Ad Astra Per Aspera Eamus

by Matthew Robson, West Wollongong, Australia 

The gas filled lanterns of the night
That beckon to our eyes,
They sing a tune, a sweet lament,
I hear their mourning rise.

They transcend celestial sphere
A' night to watch us drowse,
They each gaze down and wonder why
We hide inside a house.
Should not we rise to watch their track
Through black across the night
And though our eyes ascend to see…
They're shrouded by the light.

We're glad our ears are deaf to songs
Heard only by the eye
If ear could hear their wist rhapsode
Our heart would break and die.

Third Place


by Christina Sng, Singapore

Tiny world
Packed tight with snow,

Circling Saturn,
A silver white glow.

101 fissures,
Frosty plumes.

Geysers hissing
Glacial fumes.

Chilly skin,
Cold to the bone.

Below the core,
Above the ice,

An azure lake
Filled with life.

Now too small
To see with your eyes.

But they will grow,
Evolve in kind.

We will visit
And be awed

By their
Magnificent size.

Honorable Mention 

The Ultimate Triumph of Icarus

by Charles Franklin, Pensacola, USA

Mankind has left our planet
his feet have touched the moon,
his tools pierce the night sky
his focus will be focused on Mars soon

Our quest will not and should not end there
for even Icarus, hubris that he was,
gained a deeper perspective of life below
by letting his vision fly up above


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