Jul 17
by Mirosław Wójcik, Poland

 MirosławWójcikTheEarth 800

Hi! It is me.
The Earth. I have
here more than seven
billions of unruly beings

They call themselves humans.
They want to conquer
the Universe but they’re
still at civilizational playground

They can be funny,
even brilliant but simultaneously
dangerous, merciless, contradicted. I
really worry about them

I’m the place where
they live, however, it
seems that they especially
don’t bother the environment

Although from a distance
everything may look pretty
well, the disaster can
be closer they think

Did they find a
new home? I’m so
tired of fighting with
climate change they cause

What will happen if
they finally create A.I.?
Complete dehumanization of man
or humanization of* machines?

If you wish spread
these words further, please,
as concerned mother’s message
to her beloved** kids.

* allegedly unfeeling | ** a little bit lost

 Mirosław Wójcik |  July 14, 2019 | Poland 

Image details:
New Weather Satellite Sends First Images of Earth




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