Luna's Lament (Super Blue Blood Moon)

Feb 10
The poem is by Connie S. Tettenborn, California, U.S.A. The photo is by Steven Kessler.


My brother got all the attention
last summer, never mind
that a solar eclipse is
impossible without me.

I shine in my full glory
once every month, but
maybe that’s too often;
I am taken for granted.

I swing closer by
a few times every year,
gaining some admirers
and swelling with pride.

I try to spice things up;
every couple of years or so,
my perfect circle appears
twice in one month,
but so few notice that
I start feeling blue.

And this year, shining
up close and fully large,
I may have tried too hard
to find your love.

Earth moved to cover me,
drawing too many gawkers
to the rare trifecta;
I flushed red in embarrassment.

It has been 150 years since
last this peculiar confluence
occurred here, when there were
fewer prying telescopes,
when blemishes were blurred.
Red is simply not my color;

I prefer chaste white.
Besides, stars make more
faithful friends and throw
better parties than mortals.

Connie S. Tettenborn

You can view additional poems on her website -


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