2019 AstroPoetry Winners - Young Adults Category

Jun 03

Congratulations Entrants!


First Place 

Her Eyes
by Musa Ahmed, Chatagram, Republic of Bangladesh

Two Black holes
Their cosmic attraction
Photons fleeing from a newly exploded nova.
Lost stars in the
Infinity or
Any unfortunate planet.
Like those unfortunate planets
I also lose in the event horizon.


Second Place

The Space Marvel
by Nakshathra G.A., Chennai, India

Beyond our world a wonder I see,
With stars and friends set so free
To play and shine with a shimmering glee!
That’s the Space – so wide and vast
Through which we try to know the past.
Unlike the hatred city commotion
Or the wavy marine ocean
The space is so silent and pleasant
That none would be hesitant
To be its resident!
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn & Uranus
Please don’t forget dear Neptune,
For he’s known for his lazy tune!
Tune brings in Moon,
A lovely fantasy toon
As white as a macaroon!
She’s the only little sissy
Of big brother Earth,
Who stays so busy,
Fighting against ozone’s dearth.
Here comes our trespasser Mr. Comet!
With a tail longer than Hamlet
That sparkles like an amulet
He’s popular as SHOOTING STAR
For he shoots so rapidly far.
The besties: Asteroids and Meteors
Pour themselves out as showers
Exhibiting all their powers
To create blush dimples
Till they feel its quite ample.
The eight siblings – each one of a kind,
Ought to enjoy this with a bit hard mind.
The great Sun – so gigantic and luminous
Heads the celestial people – so much gracious
And that’s the reason he’s so famous
He’s the big ball of fire
Whom one would not dislike to admire.
The whole universe is the best as it is
With mother nature’s immaculate kiss.
This is the wonder that no one should miss –
The marvelous space – indeed this is!


Third Place

Supernova - A Beautiful Doom
by Noopur Vats, New Delhi, India

Who knew about a death that outshines,
And a doom that is nothing less than divine.
What once twinkled in our eyes,
Is now a burst of new colours.
And all of a sudden,
My spectaculations are sufficed.
Inspires me, what can make one shudder.
A gleaming wonder, so dreamy,
Its brightness steals our perception.
It's a gloom causing that vibrance, 
and it's the vibrance that renders a cessation.
Now as we wait for this beauty to appear,
Just for the pleasure it brings,
we must not forget that it still remains that doom,
That needs an end to begin.


Honorable Mention

The Night Sky
by Rucha Virmani, Faridabad, India

One glance at the night sky,
And you will be bewitched
One glance at the night sky,
And you will drown in the pool of awe.
The glinting eyes peeping from heaven;
The beguilingly enchanting darkness,
The surreal patterns, the mystic light,
Will steal your heart and charm your eyes.
The diamond dust sprinkled on ink,
The shooting streaks of light,
The glowing, graceful moon-
Looking like a brooch lost in the sky.
These elements will enchant you,
charm you, spellbind you;
And will make you wonder why
People yearn to go to heaven
When there exists on the Earth-
the majestic night sky.


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