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Apr 14

Melanie King - AstroArtist of the Month

Melanie King is our AstroArtist of the month . She's an artist that look at the histories of photography and astronomy and sees parallels between since the 19th Century. She asked, "did the study of light by polymath inventors (Herschel, Talbot, Daguerre, Maxwell) in the field of astronomy contribute to the invention of the photograph and how is the study of light currently being used to find out more about our universe and dark matter?" Her interesting artwork explores our cultural past through photography and how important astronomical events have influenced our population. "My artwork intends to remind the viewer...

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Dec 20

Globe at Night 2013 campaign

The GLOBE at Night (GaN) program, hosted by the U.S. National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO), is an international citizen-science campaign to raise public awareness of the impact of light pollution. The worldwide campaign invites citizen-scientists to record the brightness of the night sky by visually matching the appearance of a constellation like Orion with star maps of progressively fainter stars or using meters to obtain more precise measurements. Measurements are submitted to a central website by computer or smart phone. From these data an interactive map of all worldwide observations is created. Read More...

Dec 20

GLOBE at Night & IDA Adopt-A-Street Challenge

The GLOBE at Night Campaigns are not far off and there's something new to look forward to this year. During the GLOBE at Night campaigns don't just collect sporadic data of light pollution. Organize a friends, family, and anyone who wants to participate in the Adopt-A-Street program to create a map of light pollution in your own city. Read More...

Dec 19

AWB Holiday Fundraising Sale Expands

Now you can buy even more products at great prices AND support AWB's global programs. TeleVue and Lunt Solar Systems have joined Celestron in supporting Astronomers Without Borders through donations to the AWB store . Because these items are all donations, 100% of sale proceeds goes directly to AWB programs. And free shipping on every item means even greater savings. Read More...

Dec 11

Report from Tanzania, Heading Home

Telescopes to Tanzania project completes workshop series in Tanzania. More results and reports will be available in late December. Chuck and Susan Ruehle write to us with an update as they are heading home. Read More...

Dec 10

Report from Tanzania, Last Week

Chuck and Susan Ruehle write to us again from Arusha, Tanzania, where they are into the last week of training teachers to teach astronomy in their classrooms. Read More...

Dec 04

AWB Podcast on 'Accessible Astronomy'

AWB Disabilities Program Featured in 365 Days of Astronomy Podcasts In a podcast titled " Astronomers Without Borders Helps Open the Universe ” on December 3, 2012, 365 Days of Astronomy featured the work AWB is doing to bring the night sky’s beauty and wonder to people with disabilities throughout the world. The podcast was timed to appear on the date (December 3rd) designated by the United Nations as the “International Day of People with Disability.” The observance of the Day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons... Read More...

Nov 30

Report from Tanzania, Week 2

Chuck and Susan Ruehle write from Arusha, Tanzania, where they are training teachers to teach astronomy in their classrooms, and send a couple more photos. Read More...

Nov 26

Arizona Science & Astronomy Expo

Mike Simmons, AWB President, Dr. Phil Plait aka "The Bad Astronomer", and Peggy Walker AWB US National Coordinator (NC) and manager of the AWB global NC network at the AWB booth. The Arizona Science and Education Expo (ASAE) held its inaugural edition in Tucson, Arizona on November 10th and 11th at the Tucson Convention Center. Co-organized by Alan Traino and Andy Lunt of Lunt Solar Systems, ASAE focused on science and education, targeting not just amateur astronomers but also families with children. There was a wide range of activities with door prizes and raffles, a public star party, hands-on exhibits,... Read More...

Nov 22

Holiday Fundraising Sale

It's time for the year-end holidays, and Astronomers Without Borders is ready. Shoppers can now make purchases from Astronomers Without Borders' online store to support its worldwide programs and get great prices on great products. These items are donated by companies that support Astronomers Without Borders' mission of connecting people worldwide through astronomy, and supporting outreach and education in astronomy as a gateway to the sciences. Read More...

Nov 16

Telescopes4Teachers Gives Schools Affordable Windows on the Universe

School year 2012-2013 is in full swing, and this year something new and wonderful is happening: Children in schools that never before had a telescope are now using Galileoscopes to learn about lenses, telescopes, and astronomy—thanks to generous donors to the Telescopes4Teachers program.  Telescopes4Teachers provides interested teachers with affordable, quality telescopes and the training necessary to help them to become effective teachers of astronomy. Read More...

Oct 21

Celestron Telescope Prize to Nepal Astro Club

TORRANCE, CA – October 25, 2012 – Celestron, the global leader in telescope design, and Astronomers Without Borders have announced the donation of the Global Astronomy Month Astropoetry Contest’s first-place prize—a Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ telescope (retail $279.95)—to the Damak Astronomical Club (DAC) in Damak jhapa, Nepal. Read More...

Sep 05

Celebrate Peace Day with a Star Party Sept. 21

September 21, the International Day of Peace (Peace Day), is an opportunity for peacemakers around the world to replace world conflict with world friendship. The international organization StarPeace will celebrate this day by organizing mutual public star parties near the borders of neighboring countries. Read More...

Aug 26

Reach for the Stars - Afghanistan

A new Astronomers Without Borders project, Reach for the Stars - Afghanistan, has launched with the goal of establishing the first astronomy curriculum for young children in Afghanistan.  Created in collaboration with the Astronomical Association of Afghanistan, Reach for the Starts - Afghanistan will be based on Afghan culture, the countries rich heritage of Islamic astronomy, and modern science.  Schools, orphanages and refugee camps in and around Kabul will also receive scarce educational resources to be used in the programs.  Supporters are needed to bring the stars and science to the children of Afghanistan. Read more...   Read More...

Aug 14

AWB partners to launch SkyCube

Astronomers Without Borders is partnering with Southern Skies, developers of the popular SkySafari apps for Apple and Android devices, to put a new satellite into orbit.  A nanosatellite whose "owners" contribute as little as one dollar, SkyCube will allow its thousands of supporters to send messages from space and take images looking back at Earth.  Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) member programs will use the satellite's unique capabilities, including its high visibility when it inflates a reflective balloon near the end of its mission.  Southern Skies will in turn donate up to 50% of proceeds from SkyCube donations made through Astronomers... Read More...

Aug 09

AWB to Collaborate with World Space Week Association

Astronomers Without Borders has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with World Space Week Association to jointly celebrate World Space Week on October 4–10 every year. World Space Week is an international celebration of science and technology, intended to educate, encourage, and inspire people everywhere in the human outreach toward space. The United Nations General Assembly declared in 1999 that World Space Week will be held each year from October 4–10. These dates commemorate two events:October 4, 1957: Launch of the first human-made Earth satellite, Sputnik 1. October 10, 1967: The signing of the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities... Read More...

Aug 08

GLOBE at Night 2012 Final Results

The final tally is now in from the seventh annual international star-hunting activity known as GLOBE at Night.  During the 2012 campaign, citizen scientists around the world recorded a total of 16,850 measurements of night-sky brightness.   Read More...

Aug 01

Celebrate the Curiosity Landing Live on Google +

Starting at 03:00 UTC August 6th (8:00 p.m. PDT August 5th) a live, 4-hour webcast, accessible via Google Hangout on Air, will highlight the landing of the Mars rover Curiosity. During the webcast, scientists, engineers and other experts will provide unique insight into the rover and the landing, and viewers will have the chance to interact and ask questions. Hosted by Universe Today’s Fraser Cain, along with Dr. Pamela Gay and Dr. Phil Plait, the webcast will feature interviews with special guests, a live video feed from NASA of the landing, and live coverage from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)... Read More...

Jul 27

Celestron and AWB Announce Partnership

Celestron and Astronomers Without Borders are excited to announce a new partnership that brings together two of worldwide astronomy’s brightest stars.           TORRANCE, CA – July 26, 2012 – Celestron, the global leader in telescope design, has partnered with Astronomers Without Borders, the leader in organizing programs connecting people worldwide through a shared common interest in astronomy. In this sponsorship, both companies will better serve the entire international astronomy community. Read More...

Mar 19

Astronomer’s Paradise: Journey For Everyone

You know you’re in for something special when an online video says, “Make sure to watch this full-screen with the sound on!” Especially when it comes from astrophotography masters Christoph Malin and Babak Tafreshi. Since Babak created The World at Night (TWAN) in late 2008 under Astronomers Without Borders , the project has become a legend with its unprecedented collection of images and time-lapse videos created by a carefully chosen team of experts in landscape astrophotography. Read More...

Feb 19

Eros Parallax Project Completed

The Eros Parallax Project, organized by Steven van Roode in partnership with Astronomers Without Borders, received 106 observations of the minor planet from 37 observers.  These observations were all photographic, recording the position of Eros compared to the background stars as seen from widely dispersed locations on Earth.  Some sent their photos in as well, and you can see them in the project's gallery . Of particular interest are the composite images, combining multiple images into one, showing the rapid movement of Eros across the sky. Preliminary results show, as expected, some data that closely fits the known value of... Read More...