Peggy Walker, a Southern California native, has over 20 years secretarial and office management experience in the finance controller’s organization of various aerospace industries. She was trained in the Total Quality Management processes for improving teamwork and program tracking for programs at Northrop Aircraft.  She also led the public relations effort and edited the newsletter editor for the finance organization’s team building and fundraising group’s annual charity programs.

Peggy was is the Night Sky Network Coordinator for her astronomy club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, coordinated their IYA 2009 programs, including several programs for 100 Hours of Astronomy.  She added her club to the Sidewalk Astronomers and Astronomers Without Borders organizations in 2009.  Her efforts have led to expanded programs and participation in the club.

Peggy and her husband organize their own sidewalk group, BA Sidewalk Astronomers, and host monthly events at two locations.  Their plans are to learn how to grind mirrors with the assistance of the Sidewalk Astronomers organization.