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Each April, Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) organizes Global Astronomy Month (GAM), providing a global audience for dozens of programs. 

GAM Global Programs fall into three categories:

AWB Programs:
AWB Programs for GAM2015 are organized solely by the AWB and are organized and conducted solely by AWB.

Partner Programs:
Partner Programs are organized and conducted jointly by AWB and a partner organization with responsibilities and deliverables agreed upon by both organizations.

Associate Programs:
Associate Programs are organized and conducted solely by partner organizations. GAM participation provides these programs with international recognition and a wide audience through the same methods as other GAM programs.

All GAM programs will be featured on the GAM2015 website (with appropriate links to partner organizations’ websites), in news announcements, through the GAM social network, and through other means. All recognized GAM2015 programs may use the GAM logo and other GAM branding materials on their own websites and in their publicity efforts.

All GAM2015 programs must meet the following criteria:

1.The program must be global, with an opportunity for anyone to participate regardless of location. This can be through an online presence or through local events that can be planned by clubs or individuals.

2.The program must have a critical component during April 2015. This can include a special project, the launch of a new and continuing project within the program, a special event or other aspect that highlights the program during GAM2015. We can usually come up with a good idea for doing something special during GAM so you can contact us to discuss this requirement.

3.The program organizers must submit an evaluation report at the end of the program for the GAM2015 Final Report.

Organizers of existing and new projects that satisfy these guidelines are invited to submit an application for a GAM2015 Global Program – either a Partner Program or an Associate Program – through the form on the GAM2015 website. Inquiries are welcome. We’re glad to discuss your program or new ideas and see what we can come up with! See below for contact information.

The deadline for applications for GAM2015 Global Programs is 30 January 2015. Inquiries after the deadline are welcome with the understanding that planning logistics may make inclusion difficult or impossible.


Inquiries: GAM2015 Coordinator Christie McMonigal

email: [email protected]

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Member Reports

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Aug 02

Interview- Students from the military civic college of Goias talks about Astronomy and Robotics projects

Interview - Students from the military civic college of Goias talks about Astronomy and Robotics Projects Students from the military...

Aug 01

Astronomy Festival 2020 in Gori, Georgia

On July 31, 2020, with the funding of #SRNSFG - Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia, organized by the...

Jul 25

Glorious Day - Gunstar making the news - Long live to Gunstar.

On the 22nd at 18:45 a Big Bólido literally tears the skies of Brazil, especially the State of Goias, almost...

Jul 22

Glitter Festival Advance on the Astro adventure.

In the second round of Festival Actions, which was scheduled for an Epic visit where it all started in the...

Jul 21

Astronomy Festival "AstroFest_2020" in Telavi, Georgia.

On July 20, 2020, with the funding of #SRNSFG - Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia, organized by the...

Jul 16


Every 15th of the month, except in April, AWB is organizing a small quiz featuring 10 questions on a selected...

Jul 12


Friday 10 July 2020, I got to our observation field at 22:30 CET with in mind the info that according...

Jul 07

The biggest Astro adventure of the Year will started

The Glitter Festival 2020 Astronomy festival of the State of Goias has started with a Skyrunners theme. This year we...

Jul 05

Annular Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2020 at the MMAO Summary

As the Ailangs school is not yet in session, and the boarding students not yet returned to campus due to...


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