As our world grows ever more complex, we are seeing the pace of scientific discovery quicken, especially in our understanding of the Universe and ability to explore the night sky with new technologies and techniques.

Taking advantage of these rapid changes in astronomy becomes ever more challenging, especially for new and growing international astronomy clubs.

Many of the world stargazing clubs are filled with eager members who are new to the hobby of astronomy, while those in Europe and North America predominantly have more seasoned members willing to share their passion for the night sky.

That is where an advanced AWB global outreach like the new AWG Global Pairing Program involving North American astronomy clubs paired for mutual exchanges with International clubs becomes invaluable.

LCOGT 1m 600This program will allow an exchange of our cultures as well as sharing new techniques in science and astronomy.  We believe both paired member clubs will benefit and learn from our expanded common interests.  We have no planned agenda and only expect the engagements will go as far as the two mutually desire.

In addition to the benefits of pairing, the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope (LCOGT) Network will also allot some telescope time for the AWB Club Pairing program participants. These mutual cultural exchanges will not only benefit both clubs, but individuals will have a chance to advance their interest in astronomy and science. Through live web connections, both clubs will be able to expand on basic to advanced  concepts in astronomy, astrophotography and even telescope operation. Budding stargazers in remote regions that otherwise may not have opportunities to expand their horizons in the hobby, will even have a chance to learn about observing techniques and the wonders of the night sky.

Sharing the night sky and the science behind it, enriches world cultures, advances the scientific process and the outlook for society. It stimulates the mind to explore and enrich our minds and introduces the next generation astronomers to potential scientific and technical careers.

Here now is a chance for your club to reach for the stars and connect with the world at the same time!

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