I'm curious about what dawn will bring... the next one, the one after it, and all the rest. A new day, fragrances in an unknown garden, solving a task, a conversation whose time has come, experiencing something new, the idea that life can offer more and become more beautiful. What will the embrace feel like that I've been waiting for so long? Throughout our voyage, we can witness changes of shapes and colors. The melody, that we fall in love with, and can remind ourselves of what's important - that which we try to get closer every day. Constantly craving experiences. I'm curious like the child peeking through a key hole or gazing out the window, like a scientist bent on discovery.

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Real life for me is one driven by curiosity. I think that our level of inquisitiveness depends on the image we have of our environment and home. The place that feels like home, the infiniteness of its dimensions and opportunities, or their painful confines decide how curious we'll be. If I'm able to imagine the infinite, then these painful confines cease to exist in my mind and I become curious again about what the new dawn will bring. This is one of the most important reason that I paint the universe. The awe at the sight of infinity's mystery is what I would like to share with others through my work.

When I don't have the means to paint manually because of an absence of usable walls or canvases, I reach for digital tools. They allow me to create even more freely and quickly. Our imagination can often produce interesting results, and enthusiasm can make the most beautiful effort.

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...when we are curious, can we also imagine what a new love can feel? What would we compare it to?

- It could be like the dust of a giant cloud wave awoken in an alien galaxy, which glows colorfully and trips the light fantastic. This wonderful wave awoke because two hot stars were born light-years away. They slowly waltz towards the other, their wind splitting the cloud into a wave. Without them, the cloud wouldn't exist - maybe one day the two stars will draw each other so close that they will fuse together… This event can happen in certain regions of our galaxy as frequently as ten thousand years.

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