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The universe that seems so distant, but which is our cradle at the same time...

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The universe that we understand so little of. But still, all its secrets lie hidden inside us: its materials, its energies that surround us and are inside us. The idea is that we can gain the sensation of overcoming distances that our eyes judge to be vast and that we can abolish these imaginary confines, even if only visually.

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This is my constant goal throughout my work.

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Maybe we should appreciate it more often that we are able to comprehend that which we call our home. We know where we are located in the known universe. The areas discovered by scientists so far is incomprehensible for most of us, since we didn't have enough time yet in our minuscule human presence to even explore our own planet. We are just guessing.

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The universe holds innumerable secrets for us and its distances seem indomitable... still, as the days go by, we uncover more secrets and we are capable of unexpected discoveries. I consider ourselves lucky that we are able to comprehend this, so that we can get to know our environment and ourselves better. In my creative endeavors I can imagine conquering the distances and for a moment, it seems like time ceases to exist. My aim is to inspire others to do the same, to share this feeling, this experience.

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Bogi Fabian - visit her website:

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