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Part IV: Moving Forward

Since the release of ‘Kilauea - The Fire Within’, I’ve been continuing my work with time-lapse and astro-photography mostly in Oregon and Hawaii. Getting out and camping under the stars is a pretty common occurrence for me and I always have my cameras. I shoot with two Canon 6Ds, many times I’ll work on still photography with one while the other camera shoots a time-lapse. Here are a couple recent works in the realm of landscape photography, these were created by blending multiple exposures.

Waimanu Valley moonrise, Big Island of Hawaii.


Lava Lake and Mount Bachelor, Cascade Lakes in central Oregon.

My time-lapse archives are building and so are the projects, here is a crazy little film I put together for a NASA film competition called Cinespace. It didn’t win but I had some fun mixing my time-lapse and NASA content together using blending modes. Mr. Derrek Domino, who provided the score for Ride the Sky, once again created an appropriately complex and experimental score for the film. It also includes a scene I shot with the help of my friend and talented filmmaker Guy Baker. The goal was to go in an other worldly direction by experimenting with visual blends, various sound bites and a score that ties it together. The film includes time-lapse sequences I captured in Israel, Italy, Germany and several states in the US including Hawaii.

The Crucible Sun

Later in 2015 I was contracted by National Geographic to produce a short video for a web series called ‘Road Trip’. I decided to take a trip through the Oregon Cascades and gather a bunch of content. The edit includes recent astro time-lapse I shot around the Cascades area, clearly I’m fascinated with volcanic landscapes!

NatGeo Road Trip “Oregon Cascades”

I also work with time-lapse and video production as a freelancer, I’ve worked on projects for companies including AT&T, Nike, Discovery and National Geographic. My Kilauea content continues to gain traction, National Geographic picked it up for their ‘Short Film Showcase’ and I licensed a few clips for a recently released NOVA episode called ‘Life’s Rocky Start’. I’m currently working on something of an expansion to the Kilauea film, I’ve been gathering 4K Hawaii content and I’m pretty excited about the footage.

Time-lapse frame, Halema’uma’u crater from the east side of the Kilauea Caldera. The lava lake inside the crater is extremely bright, it’s light blasts out into the sky.


Silhouetted tree with yet to be determined bright planet in the middle and a meteorite burning up at the top of the frame.


Capturing time-lapse of the Universe with 13,796’ tall Mauna Kea in the composition. Taken from 11,000’ up the north side of Mauna Loa.


Here are a few stills from various gigs involving my time-lapse work.

Shooting dynamic time-lapse B-roll content for Discovery’s ‘Bering Sea Gold’ TV show in Nome, Alaska.


My gear rigged up using combo stands for a better perspective of the “Nike Dominator”, Nike Headquarters in Oregon.


Here my Dynamic Perception/Emotimo combo is mounted to the roof rack of my Subaru for some dynamic drive-lapse sequences in central Oregon.


Behind the scenes on a 2nd unit shoot for Director Guy Baker’s upcoming narrative short “Feeding Fate”.


The first of our AT&T time-lapse productions in San Francisco, CA with fellow Cinematographer Ramin Shaakibaei.


Shooting time-lapse at various locations, Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Cloud Gate in Chicago.


Capturing Israel’s Dome of the Rock and the old city in Jerusalem.

My goal with dynamic time-lapse is to always be pushing the limits and to bring new life into the genre with creativity and experimentation. I’m currently searching for funds to put together a new astro time-lapse concept involving rigging physical mirrors out in the field and reflecting different parts of the sky and landscape into the camera lens. I would use motion control gear to move the perspective around for a unique and psychedelic viewing experience. I’ll be working on some test shots with fellow shooter Tyler Hulett in Oregon soon. In addition to the time-lapse I’ll be shooting some cinematic narrative content for the project as well using RED cinema.

I’m excited to see what 2016 will bring with everything I’ve been working toward as an artist and independent filmmaker. Thanks for checking out my work and please support artists like myself in any way you can. Contact me at [email protected], looking forward to hearing from some of you!

Astro selfie on the sand dunes on a wet, foggy winter night, Oregon Dunes.


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