Random Order is a collective of four artists whose practices expand from sculpture, film and performance into new technologies with immersive environments. Sound plays a role in our individual practices but becomes the primary medium in our collective. Random Order's projects seek to understand how sound affects the human perception of the spaces we interact with and its impact on our everyday lives. We interrogate sound’s potential to relate to the environment and open up both universal and individual stories and histories. Through exploring the acoustics of sound we deal with its physical properties, further implicating a direct engagement with matter. Random Order uses a wide array of processes in its diverse projects including DIY sound kits and field recording through both analogue and digital means. By merging and cross-referencing new technologies and devices we produce sound bridges between cultures and different modes of expression.


In 1965 two radio astronomers Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson made a chance discovery of mysterious noise coming from outside our galaxy. They discovered that 1% or less of this noise comes from the background radiation left from the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. Those signals were named cosmic background radiation. They are responsible for part of the white ‘snow’ that can be seen and heard on analogue TV screens while in between channels.

The fact that it is scientifically proven that we can witness the leftover heat from the fireball of the Big Bang on our TV screens sounds more like fiction than science. It keeps the mystery of the origin alive. ‘A Poem Without A Tongue’ juxtaposes the scientific enquiry of the origin with existing and made up oral and written narratives. By mixing facts with myths we try to interrogate the boundaries of different types of knowledge. Scientific and fictional sources are put together in an attempt to reformulate the possibility of dialogue outside the certainty of rigid categories, to create space for whispers to be heard.


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