Ferro fluid // Photo Reference

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The universe is defined by balancing and opposing forces. Chaos and cosmos; order and disorder, reality and illusion. This cosmic cabinet of curiosities creates a wireless communication between concepts related to electromagnetism, celestial cartography, nuclear radiation and stellar spectroscopy. An integration of static and dynamic fields; that augment the process of exploration through science.

The project has been inspired by books from the Library’s astronomy collection, such as Observational Astronomy (D. Birney 1926), the Cambridge Star Atlas (Will Tirion, 2011) and Measuring the Universe (Kitty Ferguson, 2000), available from the Science Reading Room.

Reference from Stellar Spectroscopy


Reference from Celestial Cartography

In addition recently I received 2 commissions for the Secret Cinema – Star Wars: The Empire strikes back production. One of which was working with the stellar cartography drawings 4 meters long and presented as a site specific installation in 2 metallic corridors. The second project was with Random Order: a sound collective which I am a member of. For this project we created 3 metallic boxes with 3 sound art pieces representing ‘building’, ‘activating’ and ‘destruction’ stages. We worked with spoken word and sound art with the aim to immerse the participating audience through the sound compositions we created. Unfortunately due to the nature of the project, I cannot reveal further information but whoever is interested in checking the production please see below. http://www.secretcinema.org

With Random Order Collective we have been working on other projects inspired by astronomy. To give you an overview you can read our statement and a short description of a sound art project we presented at GV Art gallery as part of the ‘Noise and Whispers’ exhibition.


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