By Andrei Dorian Gheorghe (text) and Florin Alexandru Stancu (design)

“Beyond the terrestrial atmosphere,
a different and mysterious world calls us.
Nothing material can outrun
the beauty of the Cosmos.
Let’s dream of stars!”
-Teacher Ioan Adam & Sirius Astronomical Association- 

Ioan Adam was a teacher of physics (and even director for a while) at one of the largest high schools in Romania, named after the national poet Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889, author of the (astronomical) masterpiece of Romanian poetry, “Luceafarul” / Evening Star) in the cultural town of Barlad (former Capital City of Terra Berladensis before the 14th century, in East Romania) for over 40 years.

Here he tried to inoculate the beauty of astronomy in the souls of thousands of students from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, creating an astronomy circle that he transformed into a branch of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) in 1998 and then into the Sirius Astronomical Association in 2001, which became soon a national “UNESCO Club”. 

He organized the first national (official) olympiad of astronomy in 2003 and many national events, symposiums, contests and festivals of astronomy and astroart, presented lectures everywhere in Romania, prepared participants - and even medalists - for national and international astronomy olympiads, coordinated uncounted activities for the observation of the sky and participation at many global events dedicated to the Cosmos, and edited the magazine “Pasi spre Infinit” / Steps toward Infinity (in which he was an enthusiastic promoter of astropoetry) - launched in 1999 at a large international event organized by SARM, EuRoEclipse Perseids 99. 

His enthusiasm continued at the same level after he retired, and I remarked in my time tunnel that, during GAM 2020, Ioan Adam coordinated the team of his association, who participated at the Asteroid Search Campaign on-line program, organized by Astronomers Without Borders and International Astronomical Search Collaboration 

The Sirius Astronomical Association also made in April an astro-artistic Easter Egg Postcard and an astronomical calendar for the next month (May). 

Finally, on April 26, 2020, teacher Ioan Adam photographed the conjunction between the Moon and Venus through his window, in the spirit of the “Beauty Without Borders - Global Balcony Photography with the Moon and Venus” program of GAM 2020.

Another peak
In the Universe:
To want to shine like Sirius
And to take care of asteroids.
-Andrei Dorian Gheorghe-

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AndreiDGheorgheGAM110B 600

AndreiDGheorgheGAM110C 600

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