Text and photos by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe, design by Florin Alexandru Stancu

First I want to express our admiration for Giovanni Renzo’s annual Cosmic Concert, a traditional program of Global Astronomy Month.

This event makes me remember the enthusiastic cosmopoetry galas that the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy (SARM) organized in between 2000 and 2010 at the Admiral Vasile Urseanu Bucharest Municipal Observatory, as a partnership initiated by Harald Alexandrescu (1945-2005) and continued by Adrian Bruno Sonka, coordinators of this beautiful observatory.

Those galas included not only recitals of astropoetry, but also recitals of electronic music, astro-folk music, music background for astrophotography projections and musical improvisations for astropoetry dramas.

In December 2019, after the renovation of the observatory, we renewed this tradition through another astrohumanistic gala, and then we scheduled a GAM 2020 gala for 10 April, intending to expand the musical moments.

Unfortunately, this event along with the observatory celebration (110 years of existence) had to be postponed because of the current world crisis.

Until we will be able to organize it, I remain with the last image I took on the terrace of the Bucharest Municipal Observatory (in January 31, 2020), when its professionals (with souls of amateur astronomers) Adrian Bruno Sonka (coordinator), Elisabeta Petrescu (artist astronomer) and Mihai Dascalu (telescope specialist) enjoyed the vision of the Moon, Venus and a few Starlink satellites.

Now the picture from below has transformed into an imaginary “Cosmic Concert” in my soul.

But there will be a tomorrow…

AndreiDGheorgheGAM20A 600


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