Text Andrei Dorian Gheorghe, photos Valentin Grigore

Before working our first significant results from the time of GAM 2020, we made three anticipating works (photos by Valentin Grigore from before the crisis and recent haiku by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe), dedicated to three major GAM projects: “Global Star Party”, “Discovering the Solar System” and “Venus meets Pleiades”. 

All three pictures were symbolically taken near Dracula’s Tower in Targoviste (made in the 15th century). 

For those who don’t know, real Vlad Tepes Dracula was not a vampire, but a Romanian ruler who defended Europe! 

AndreiDGheorgheGAM11A 600

AndreiDGheorgheGAM11B 600

AndreiDGheorgheGAM11C 600 


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