Jacaranda Tree, India. Credit: Pawan Tikku, Wikipedia



Upon this June 21 of 2014,
The solstice shines through the green-bloomed trees,
Amongst the jacarandas super-bloom, times three.

The glorious solstice of the Incas and Adivasi,
Upon this Day of Saturn, the new Romans do glee,
Even the peacocks celebrate with their Solstice Screams!

Summer Solstice to those in the Northerly,
Winter Solstice to those in the Southerly,
A High Sun to those on the Equator lee!

Resplendent Star of the Solstice Heaven!
Gathered amongst the Stellar Stars of the Alban Hevin!
Drifting from the Arthan, thru the Eiler, then to the Elved!

Astropoets do cheer with their Astronomers!
Cosmopoets do smile with their Cosmo-nomeners!
The fluttered skybirds do bardly sing to animals with furs!



Notation: For the solstice of 2014 June 21. The year 2014 was very unusual to this point for the jacaranda trees in Los Angeles. Normally these trees only bloom once. It is unusual for all of them to do so in intense simultaneous blue-purple effulgence. This year so far has had three such effulgent bloomings, a strong indicator of the unusual weather in this period of time. Adivasi are the indigenous people who first populated India. Alban is an old Welsh term which refers to the ancient gathering of minstrels and bards, wherein those who were able shared stories and songs to elucidate and inspire each other. These small conventions occurred four times a year, upon the solstices and equinoxes. The first, and beginning of their year, was Alban Arthan, the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere). The Spring Equinox for the North was Alban Eiler. The Summer Solstice was Alban Hevin. The fourth annual meeting occurred on the Fall Equinox for the North, the Alban Elved.
Thor Dockweiler, 2014 June 20, Friday, upon the solstice.
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