About Us

We are an institution dedicated to scientific and educational dissemination, at the level of amateur astronomers, although our group is composed of people who are doctors, psychopedagogues, educators, engineers who share this mission and passion that is astronomy. Also, in addition to the task of dissemination astronomy, we focus on the behavior of our native peoples, Guaraní astronomy, which runs from Buenaventura Suares and the knowledge of native peoples about the sky, in what we call "Guarani Sky."
We are just beginning, taking the first steps, we have few resources, but we are joining forces with every interested person, as well, without any meanness we shared our knowledge, to anyone interested in the matter. From Posadas, Misiones Argentina .. A greeting and clear skies!


Location:Calle 182, 7100, Posadas, Misiones, 3300
Phone:+54 9 3764 951648

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