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Gunstar Team e um grupo de astronomia Amadora.

Atravez da primeira observação nossa missão  ea divulgação das maravilhas do universo junto de uma messagem de preservação da natureza e do nosso planeta , nosso principal instrumento eo telescopio itinerante que leva telescopios para a primeira observação em feiras eventos encontros particulares abertos e familiares em todo estado de goias.

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Jul 18

Glitter Festival 2017 - Year of Cultural Astronomy.

Every year in August at the winter algee here in Goias, the Gunstar team holds the Glitter Festival and an astronomical cultural celebration to our Milky Way in the region...

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Jul 18

Goiania the city of the world with greater participation in Asteroid Day 2017

Our organization Gunstar in the figure of our president Clayton Gubio dos Santos participated as regional coordinator of Asteroid Day Brazil. Coordinating the West Center formed by 3 states many...

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Jul 18

Gunstar Team HeadQuarters in Goiania

The gunstar team opens its physical headquarters to better serve the space public and give support and seriousness to the activities of the club. We will also represent astronomies without...

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Apr 24

Meteor Rain Astrocamping Liridas 2017

Meteor Rain Astrocamping Liridas. Observation of the meteor shower occurred in the Valley of Eden an Ecovilla in the interior of Goias whose Gunstar Team works training in its fields...

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Apr 24

Gunstar Team Explores Academy

Were given to the classes of: Astrophotography Location celeste Telescope maintenance Meteoritica History of Gunstar Club History of Astronomy

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Apr 17

The Eternal Blue Star Party

Following for the third week the Gam2017 in Goias follows with a second star Party to The eternal Blue Meeting, a celebration with telescopic observation to proclaim the care with...

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Location:Rua i n 156, vila sta helena, Goiania, Goias, 74555 050
Email:[email protected]

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