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he Gunstar Team Goias Cultural Astronomy Club and the oldest state astronomy organization in operation since its inauguration.
 Gunstar team as the first Goias Astronomy club also acts in ecological preservation and solidarity in joint with numerous other partner organizations. Affiliated to astronomers without frontiers and the International Astronomical Union the world's 2 largest authorities in Astronomy, it has its work recognized worldwide in favor of a more democratic astronomy and sees the astronomy with the role of liberating agent by the scientific and cultural knowledge and of transformation of the individual and of the world.
Our programs like Itinerant Telescope is the largest project of state observational astronomy and in 8 years more than 55 thousand people were treated free of charge by the itinerant telescope and several other programs of Gunstar.
The Gunstar Team has no political ties to any party because we hold on to diversity of thought making our organization neutral and welcoming to all, our events are proudly friendly to all religions, races, social classes with emphasis on the least favored at schooling levels and especially for the Public Glbt.
The Gunstar Team Believes in Astronomy as an Agent able to unite people around the "sky things" of nature and civility making the words of the legendary Scientist Carl Sagan Our Flag for empathy to the neighbor for prosperity and peace.
And finally we act in Global events represented Brazil and the State of Goias engaging people and making know about the local astronomical scene outside, Lectures, Astronomical Observation, Research, EcologicalActivism, social activism, Tourism and Smart fun.
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Jul 07

The biggest Astro adventure of the Year will started

The Glitter Festival 2020 Astronomy festival of the State of Goias has started with a Skyrunners theme. This year we will have several activities, including Planetarium Sessions Online, meteor shower...

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Jun 06

Asteroid Day 2020 Kick Star in Goyaz

Starting the work of the international day of Asteroid, the Gunstar team taking advantage of the partial eclipse of the moon, we organized a meeting at the traditional meeting point...

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May 09

Full Moon of Perigeu Goias.

Civic Square - Plazza of Pionners. Small Team come to register the Full Moon of Perigeu ''Super Moon'' Hill of Beyond Goiania.

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Feb 28

Pale Blue Dot Goias 30th

Celebrating the 30 years of the pale blue dot in the Gunstar team of Astronomy institute led by the international astronomical union, we bring schools the message of empathy, ecological...

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Dec 29

Hamadryas Arete Planetarium Project .

Hamadryas arete is the name of the rare Starry Sky Butterfly, an itinerant Domestic planetarium light as the flight of a butterfly is where we got the inspiration for the...

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Dec 04

National Astronomy Day in Brazil - Adventure of the Golden Records 4 Annual Star Party.

Celebrating Astronomy Day in Brazil is a tribute to Dom Pedro II. The Brazilian emperor was born on December 2, 1825, in the São Cristóvão Palace, in Quinta da Boa...

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Location:Rua i n 156, vila sta helena, Goiania, Goias, 74555 050
Email:[email protected]
Phone:55 62 995762580

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