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The astroclub Véga is an amateur astronomers club about 30 km south of Brussels (near the geographical center of Belgium); we have 2 reunions per month in a hotel and we stargaze in a field several km away from the hotel, in a darker area. Stargazing depends on our availability and the weather, of course.

We're about 25 members and the most important thing is our friendly discussions.

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Nov 01

Astrovéga public activities in Belgium in 2019

This year was very busy in activities for the clubs (especially mine Astroclub Véga) in Belgium (thanks to Jupiter, Saturn and Moon sightings). First, a partial Moon eclipse on july...

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Aug 11

Nights of the Stars august 2019

Hi all, This year, clouds were not too much in the way , we had 2 giant planets, the Moon, Messier objects, NGC, some perseids, (even the Milky Way at...

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Jul 30

Moon Eclipse and Mars opposition

Here at Ramillies, we had an event... First, I was called by our national frenchspeaking radiostation to talk about the total Mooneclipse (the same morning)...We had sent press files for...

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Apr 23

JDA and Stargazing Night 2018 april 21

Astrovega and Astronamur had their Stargazing Night (and day) at Ramillies Belgium on saturday 21. It was about observing the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter....It was happening the same...

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Jul 06

A tale of 3 eclipses

Hi, In august 2017, in the US, we'll witness a total solar eclipse….. I read that it's going to be the most observed one, ever…. Well, let me tell you...

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Apr 08

Astronomy in Belgium

Hello, I'm the belgian AWB coordinator, president of an amateur astronomy club at Gembloux (frenchspeaking side). We do take part to GAM events when it's possible (it might be the...

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Location:Chaussée de Namur 17, Gembloux, 5030
Email:[email protected]

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