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Apr 08

Astronomy in Belgium

Hello, I'm the belgian AWB coordinator, president of an amateur astronomy club at Gembloux (frenchspeaking side). We do take part to GAM events when it's possible (it might be the case tonight!)..The weather is very... Read More...

Apr 07

April 1, 2017 ALP GAM Global Star Party Report

by James Kevin Ty

Last April 1, Astronomical League of the Philippines held its first of the 4 events planned for Global Astronomy Month this April. The April 1 event is Global Star Party and this is staged simultaneously... Read More...

Apr 05

GAM 2017 - Astronomical Educational Talk "Astronomia y Astrofotografia para Aficionados" at Universidad del Turabo - Gurabo, Puerto Rico

I share photos of the astronomical educational talk "Astronomia y Astrofotografia para Aficionados" at Universidad del Turabo in Gurabo, Puerto Rico on Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm. From the beginning... Read More...

Apr 04

Global Star Party Infinitys Goias by Gunstar team.

Abertura do Mes Global da Astronomia em Goias, Noite de Observação e Sessão especial de Planetario com som ao vivo com projeto musical Intergalatic Anthem de Guilherme tai e Lucão. Oficial Video Clipe With Eua... Read More...

Apr 04

Know your Moon @GSP-2017 India

We have started with spreading the awareness of Astronomy as a science and spoke about the Light pollution and importance of Dark sky conservation. Then educated about the Moon formation and evolution and the science... Read More...

Apr 03

GAM2017-Opening Event - Global Starparty

Again this year members of our local astronomical society (LAG - Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft) startet the Global Astronomy Month joining to the Global Starparty on Saturday evening 1. April 2017. Many walkers crossing the main... Read More...