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Member Reports from Prashant Naik

Aug 16

The Dance - A timelapse film in 4K

" The Dance - Timelapse Video 4K " Desert Southwest, includes arid landscape of the Mojave, Navajo and the Sonoran. From natural sandstones in Utah to towering buttes of Arizona to the Great Basin in eastern California, this dry desert carries its own colors and rhythms. Light from the stars and that of the sun, transforms this desert terrain into even more vivid scenes that changes dramatically from one horizon to another. At dark, nothing is more magical than watching the meteor shower lit up the sky with great intensity over the national monument and national parks of American Southwest.... Read More...

Apr 08

Infinite World

Infinite World is but a finite gesture from my side. It is my tribute to the joys of Mother Nature – and the warp and weft betwixt the celestial to the cosmic, the natural to the oceanic, the mountainous to the cumulus. A paean to Georgia from 'Laniakea' – home to the earth's magnificent Milky Way. Infinite World Read More...