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Member Reports from Pedro Saizar

Feb 27

An awesome eclipse sight... and AWB was there!

More than two thousand visitors crowded small Camarones city in Chubut for an unforgettable show yesterday. Some clouds kept everyone holding their breath wondering whether the full annular eclipse would be visible. But alas! At exactly 10:42:54, it all happended. The ring of fire seemed a true flaming ring thanks to wisps of clouds sweeping across. The crowd chattering died away for a few seconds and burst into applause at the magnificent cosmic sight. And children brought home memories for a lifetime. Thanks to Astronomers without Borders and the generosity of many donors, hundreds of families enjoyed the eclipse... Read More...

Feb 26

The Ring of Fire is hours away!

During these last two days, we had intense activity here at the Trelew Astronomical Center in Argentina. Several groups of astronomers visited us and had a few great lectures. Groups came from Brazil, Perú and various provinces from Argentina. Others are going stright to Camarones for the main event, and we shall surely meet them there. Photo: Prof. Ian Davie, MSc in Astrophysics, talking about the less famous moons in our Solar System, this afternoon at the Trelew Planetarium. In addition, there will be other events in Sarmiento and Facundo, which are fartehr West. As I write this, I am... Read More...

Feb 22

Update on AWB project for Feb. 26 eclipse

Less than 4 days until the annular eclipse in Patagonia! And I have some new developments as we prepare for this special occasion. First, I am happy to announce that we have received all 2,000 eclipse glasses sent by AWB and the generosity of many donors through Fiat Physica. Our gratitude is extended to RainbowSymphony for supplementing many hundreds of pairs to those obtained through crowdfunding. Half of them are in the city of Esquel (in the Western side of the province of Chubut), and the other half are in Trelew (in the Eastern shore). From each city, they will... Read More...

Feb 15

Last chance to make Astronomy happen in a far land

In a few hours, AWB's campaign to help children in rural Patagonia will be over. The February 26 solar eclipse will sweep over farms and towns in southern Argentina. A land of harsh winters and long distances to travel. "Patagonia is bleak", paleontologist George Simpson wrote back in the 1930s, although he valued and praised its many beauties. By the shores of the Atlantic, the town of Camarones is expecting many local families to show up for the eclipse observations. An exciting departure from their daily routine that includes algae collecting (photo), and farming. Photo caption: high-school students from Chubut... Read More...

Feb 12

A unique chance for many children. Can you help?

Children of Patagonia (Argentina) will have the chance of a lifetime, as the AWB campaign to provide them with solar glasses continues. As of this writing, 336 glasses have been secured thanks to 13 generous donations. Only 3 days to close! The annular eclipse will be visible across a narrow ban crossing Chubut province, next Sunday 26th. Public observations will be conducted in several cities, including Camarones and Facundo, which are the only ones where the eclipse will be fully seen. Each child, accompanied by a parent, will be given a free pair of glasses and our volunteers will explain... Read More...

Feb 07

AWB Campaign for the solar eclipse in Argentina continues

As the Moon quietly slides towards its date with the Sun, excitement builds up in Patagonia. And we hope you will join us, in one way or another! Camarones, a little known town by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, is preparing accordingly. After all, rumors have it that many visitors will show up for the eclipse, as well as regional and national media. But the locals, younger and older, are also excited at the prospect of observing the eclipse. A first, for most of them. Astronomers without Borders launched a campaign to help the children of Patagonia watch the... Read More...

Jan 31

A solar eclipse far, far away

An annular eclipse will take place on February 26, but very few will enjoy a first row sighting from their own home. On this occasion, the Moon's shadow will sweep a narrow strip of land across southern Argentina and Chile, and central Africa. In Argentina, the maximum visibility lane will be in the Province of Chubut, in Patagonia. This is a land of farms and vast ranches. For many miles, you may only see small herds of guanacos grazing near the road. In fact, only one city and a couple of very small towns will be able to see the... Read More...

Apr 29

New photo-story from Astronomía sin Fronteras

Marcia Deocares was enjoying a great evening in Trevelin, a small town by the Andes in central Patagonia (Argentina). Young gauchos were showing their skills at horse riding (left) before an excited crowd. Marcia then turned around and there she found the Full Moon right on top of the hills, as if riding them too. An unexpected connection between sky and field! There is more action every day at AWB's Spanish network: Read More...

Apr 24

Celebrating SOL on AWB Spanish Facebook

Pablo, a resident of Buenos Aires (Argentina), framed the Sun with his fingers as it set over Isla de Coche, Venezuela. In "Astronomía sin Fronteras ", the AWB social network in Spanish, we are celebrating Sun by sharing photos and facts about our star as well as tips on how to safely observe it. Please join us and follow the hashtag #SunDay2016 Read More...

Apr 20

Above the storm... with Scorpius!

Scorpius shone bright for Jesús Miguel Peralta , but not for the residents of a nearby town in the Andes Mountains. Jesús captured this stunning view from a site 4,000 m above sea level in the Province of San Juan (Argentina). At the far right, you can see Antares. Further left, there are the three stars that make Scorpius' pincers and, below them, planet Mars. Unaware of the stars, residents of Barreal city endure a wind and dust storm, a common occurrence in that region. This photo-story was our choice from those submitted to Astronomía sin Fronteras , the AWB... Read More...

Apr 15

Winner photo-story on AWB Spanish network

Fans of AWB's Spanish social network (Astronomía sin Fronteras), voted their favorite photo-story from those submitted under #MiCielodeNoche. And the winner is here for all to enjoy. José Ramón Sáez succeded in capturing elusive planet Mercury near a thin crescent Moon from Hellin (Spain). Would you like to participate? Just "like" our Facebook page ( ), and submit through a private message your favorite photo and the story behind the photo. All relevant photos will be posted. Fans will choose one, and the editors will choose another. We do not look for technical expertise, but rather the link between... Read More...

Apr 09

First month of AWB in Spanish!

"Astrónomos sin Fronteras", the social network for AWB fans in Spanish, started one month ago today. And as I write this, I wait for our 1,000th friend to "like" us! We had a lot: observational alerts and tips, ideas for "Global Astronomy Month" and a good share of photos from friends, newer and older. The dark sky was a theme this past week, and even a little humor, like the "postcard" you can see here in English version. And more... Many thanks are due to Fernando Roquel Torres from Puerto Rico, and Victoriano Canales Cerdá from Spain, who kindly agreed... Read More...

Apr 05

Share a memory / Comparte un recuerdo

AWB's Facebook in Spanish is inviting fans to submit a photo together with a memory of it. A dear celestial object, a selfie at a star party, a sunset landscape, watching through a telescope for the first time, etc. Please add a BRIEF message telling us why it is significant to you, and where and when it was taken. Each photo will be published on our wall, but only 2 will be selected every two weeks. One will be chosen by our readers by "liking" them, and the other one by the editors of the page. Those selected will be... Read More...

Mar 23

Two Weeks with AWB en Español !

Close to 700 friends from over 40 countries have "jumped across borders" to be together in the new "Astrónomos sin Fronteras" page in Facebook. In just 2 weeks, we shared over 30 new posts in Spanish including GAM events, tips to look at the night sky and much more. We also received contributions from our fans, such as this picture from Mario Casadei, a resident of Argentina, who captured Jupiter and 3 of its satellites by just hanging his mobile from his 4.5-inch telescope. Come and join us at: You will "like it" ! Read More...

Mar 19

El Sol del Equinoccio

¡Mañana llega el equinoccio! - Mañana domingo (de madrugada en las Américas), el Sol cruzará la línea del ecuador de Sur a Norte. En ese momento, comenzará la primavera para el Hemisferio Norte y el otoño para el Sur. Si mañana observas el punto del horizonte por donde sale el Sol, estarás mirando exactamente al punto cardinal Este, y si haces lo mismo a la puesta del Sol, estarás mirando hacia el Oeste verdadero. Te invitamos a tomar una foto con tu cámara o celular del amanecer/a tardecer equinoccial desde tu lugar y enviarla al Facebook de AWB en Español:... Read More...

Mar 15

Desafía a Marte en Facebook de AWB en Español

¿Te comunicas en Español? AWB tiene ahora un sitio para comunicarnos en esta lengua. Y ya publicamos dos desafíos para el Mes Global de la Astronomía 2016, entre otros materiales. ¡Súmate hoy mismo! Estamos en Por favor, comparte esta oportunidad con tus amigos. Pedro Saizar / NC Argentina Read More...

Mar 10

Sharing the Patagonian skies with the naked eye

The Patagonia region in southern Argentina is famous for its whales and penguins, but it also has a priviledged night sky. As our summer ends and the cool autumn unfolds, the Milky Way will become a dominant view in the early hours after sunset with a magnificent display of its arms extending both sides of the nucleus and glittering with stars, clusters and nebulae. The Galaxy hanging right above your head: a breathtaking view! Tonight, I will meet for the last time with participants of an introductory workshop on naked-eye observing. This event was organized by the Fundación "Amigos de... Read More...